Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunny Side Up - Eggs

Sunny side up is the term people normally describe for a fried egg with an unbroken yolk. Normally, the white eggs will be cooked evenly but the yolk is half-cooked. As the yolk is orange in colour and it is usually in the middle of the white eggs, it resembles the sun with the clouds. Therefore, many labelled this as sunny side up. During the winter, if you are missing the sun, you may try cooking this sunny side up eggs to cheer yourself up. I know, this sounds funny, but it may work to some extend.

It is however, not very easy to cook a sunny side up eggs. When I first started cooking, I almost always breaks the yolk allowing the yellow liquid to flow out. If I don't break the yolk when I'm breaking the egg, I would break the yolk when I'm flipping the egg on a pan. If you go to hotel for breakfast, you will notice that almost every hotel, a chef will be there to cook your egg right before you. I observed one chef and I notice that he actually time the time taken to cook a sunny side up egg. He did not flip the pan at all and the egg looks really pretty.

raw eggs

If I remember correctly, this is what he did.

  • Heat up the pan with oil and very little butter.
  • Break an egg in a bowl making sure that the yolk doesn't burst.
  • Slowly pour the egg into the middle of the pan.
  • Reduce the fire to medium.
  • Use a spoon to slide the egg from the pan onto a plate after about 60 seconds.

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