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Hello! My name is Leng and I'm a full time food lover and loves to cook.


Since young, my father told me that I have to learn the basic skills of life and cooking is one of them. He told me that humans require 3 basic things to survive. They are air, water and food. Now, air is basically free. No matter where we go around the world, we all have one thing that is given to us for free and that is air. The next basic thing is water. Water is also available everywhere. In certain parts of Italy like in Rome, water is also free. Even though in my country, water is not free, but hey, water is still available and considerably cheap compare to food.

We are spoilt with the vast choices of food that we have these days. But we shouldn't forget that things are getting more and more expensive. Essential things like food are getting more expensive every other day. The increase in petrol price force restaurants and eateries to increase their prices. So what other ways to still have good food which are affordable? The answer to this question is simple, there are no better ways than to cook on your own.


That is the main reason why I created this food blog. This food blog is created to share with all of you how to enjoy good food without breaking your wallet. With this in mind, I started going through cook books and the internet to look for recipes. I experiment a lot so that you do not have to go through what I've gone through to get the recipes done. I do admit that some of the recipes here, you may find it unsuitable for you. But hey, we all have different taste buds right.


You may be wondering where I refer to for new recipes. One of the recipe cook book I find myself going it again and again is this recipe book. It shares over 370 recipes. Hey, that's enough to cover a whole year without even changing your menu! How cool is that? Your lover or husband will love you if you have good food everyday after they come back from work.

 Recipe Book

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