Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are the easiest to cook. Depending on whether you want it totally cooked or half-cooked, each way differs only with the time to cook them. There is no accurate time to cook each and every different styles as it really depends on the eggs itself and the surrounding factors. If you have just taken the eggs out from the fridge, it takes longer time. If you have eggs stored at room temperature, it takes shorter time. If you would like to know the exact time, you would need to do a lot of experiments. I wouldn't be discussing here about the timing but more towards how to cook boiled eggs. Even though I use the word boil here, you shouldn't boil the eggs if you are doing half-boiled eggs. But if you are doing a totally cooked boiled egg, you may boil the eggs directly in the water. What I am going to share with you is a resource saving way to cook yourself a nice boiled eggs.

Egg Shells

Boiled eggs, all you need is hot water and eggs. What I normally do is that, I would boil at least one bowl of water. Pour the boiled water into a container which has a tight seal. I prefer the metal container as oppose to plastic container as hot water doesn't goes very well with plastic. If you have a ceramic container, that ceramic container would be good too. Eggs could break very easily if you have just removed the eggs from the fridge and place it into the hot water. In order to ensure that the eggs doesn't break, you could try sprinkling some salt into the water first, after resting the eggs in normal temperature, slowly place the eggs into the hot water. Thereafter, leave it to cook for a few minutes and remove it from the water. Do not crack the eggs open immediately, but allow it to rest for a few minutes. In order to remove the shells from the eggs, roll the eggs gently with a towel or just with your palm on a flat surface slowly breaking the shells. Then peel the shells away and serve it warm.

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