Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breaking an Egg without breaking the yolk - Eggs

When I first started cooking, one of the first few things which my mom trained me to cook are eggs. Eggs cooks easily. Before that, I was of the opinion that eggs are the easiest thing to cook. I mean, it is just a small oval shape thing with some liquid in it. How hard could it be? Now, I know that in order to cook an egg or maybe burn an egg, is easy, but to cook it the correct way, it takes a lot to practice.


Let me start of with discussing how to break an egg. Eggs may look hard on the outside, but it is actually very fragile. In order to break an egg, you will need an edge. You may use an edge of a bowl or the edge of the pan - you are going to cook the eggs in or maybe even a spoon, if you are a professional. In this discussion, I am going to use the edge of a bowl to break an egg.

If you are right-handed, hold up an egg on your right hand using only three fingers. Do not grab it as you need to allocate some space for the eggs to break. Gently hit the edge of a bowl one or two times until the eggs crack. Once the shell cracks, use both hands to slowly open the eggs allowing the liquids to fall into the bowl. If the yolk broke, then you know that you fail to break an egg without breaking the yolk. Try again a few times and try to see what you did was wrong. Eventually, you will be successful in breaking an egg without breaking the yolk.

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