Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unagi Teriyaki Recipe

There are many teriyaki sauce for sale in the supermarkets. It can be used for chicken, beef and eel. I personally prefer teriyaki eel as the eel meat are softer compare to chicken and beef. Nevertheless, chicken also goes very well with the teriyaki sauce. There is one particular brand which I found myself buying it over and over against, the Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce. As I do not have a lot of time to cook after work, I usually just buy the sauce and prepare the eel. It is must easier and it doesn't take a lot of time.

  • 1 lb eel
  • sake rice wine
  1. Prepare the eel and marinate the eel with the Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce for about 1 hour.
  2. Place it on a grill, turning it occasionally until cooked. Remember to glaze them. Add sake rice wine and serve warm.

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